Child Organisation Unit
A Child Organisation Unit is an Organisation Unit that falls beneath another Organisation Unit within Dynamic Planner's nested hierarchy of Organisation Units.
Within the Open API, a "Client" refers to an end customer of a firm (i.e. somebody to whom advice is being given).
Client Application
A Client Application is a software system that is communicating with the Open API.
Customer Relationship Management
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) resource of the Open API consolidates together the information regarding a firm's end customers. This encompasses personal details such as name, contact details such as telephone number and relationships to other customers. Note: In the Open API, customers are known as Clients.
Organisation Unit
Dynamic Planner holds a nested hierarchy of Organistion Units (OUs) that defines how firms are related to each other and how they are sub-divided. A firm is represented as an Orgainsation Unit. If it has significant divisions within it, these can be represented as "Child Organisation Units" belonging to the parent.The hierarchy is not limited to two layers, there can be as many layers as necessary to achieve the isolation and control required by the firm.
See Organisation Unit.
Publish Subscribe
The Publish Subscribe (PubSub) allows a Client Application to register an interest in (subscribe to) events being raised (published) within Dynamic Planner.